Helping you to find better quality rare disease information on the internet Very often the internet is the first place people living with a rare disease find themselves. Searching for rare disease related information that patients and families can easily […]


Tutti i dettagli qui: http://www.eurordis.org/content/europlan-national-conferences-2012-2015   The EUROPLAN project, co-funded by the European Commission, is designed to support the efforts of national authorities to develop public health strategies on rare diseases throughout Europe following common guidelines.  National conferences, aimed at promoting […]

Dìa Mundial personas con Talla baja

Alcune Associazioni che si occupano di acondroplasia e di bassa statura Sudamericane, da alcuni mesi, stanno lavorando all’organizzazione di una giornata mondiale dedicata alle persone di bassa statura. Come  forse già alcuni sanno la data fissata è il prossimo 25 Ottobre. […]


EURORDIS Photo Contest 2013! – Living with a rare disease Open to anyone having an interest in rare diseases. You have until 8 December to send your most beautiful, unusual, or artistic photo(s) and try to win an iPad and other prizes. […]